Save Some Green!: Ways To Save Money In the Spring

The warmer weather and greener hues of spring inspire us to work towards renewal in different areas of our life. Besides doing your physical spring cleaning, you may want to do some “cleaning” in other aspects of your life. Spring is a great time to overhaul your budget and spending. Saving money and creating new routines will leave you feeling financially refreshed.

Take Advantage of Sales

Most people know that spring is a good time to stock up on winter clothing essentials. Stores are tossing out the old season to make room for warmer-weather items. But it may not cross your mind that the same thing happens with winter sports gear. So if you love icy seasonal activities, now is the time to buy ahead for next year.

Frozen foods are also a good deal in March.  “March is National Frozen Foods month,” says n spokesman Mark LoCastro. “It probably is a marketing ploy to draw attention to that industry, but grocery stores offer discounts on certain frozen foods, so you can stock up and keep it as long as you possibly can.”

Another item you want to grab in March is luggage. Newer styles are often released in May, in anticipation of summer vacation. That’s why companies start marking down their older inventory in the spring.

Put Your Gym Membership on Hold

If you have a gym membership, spring is the perfect time to put it on hold. Winter’s cold weather makes exercising outdoors much more difficult. The heat of summer does the same. Spring and fall give you the chance switch up your exercise routine to include more outdoor activities.

Walking around the neighborhood or local parks can replace your laps around the indoor gym. And if you find yourself missing the weight room, you can still get similar activity at home. We’ve recently written about ways to exercise without special equipment.

Seasonal activities, such as gardening, may also take up more of your extra time. Freezing your gym membership may be a good financial decision if you think you won’t be spending enough time there to make it worth the investment.

Purge and Sell

If you are expanding the energy to do some spring cleaning, take that an extra step and make money off of some of the items you would typically throw away. You might be surprised how much mad money you can make while simultaneously improving the look and feel of your home.

First, you’ll have to do some sorting through your old stuff. If organizing seems overwhelming, Becoming Minimalist offers 10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home. These ideas were created for people who feel like they are “ready to declutter but some get quickly tripped up by the very next question… where in the world do I begin?”

Once you’ve determined what you want to get rid of, there are many options to choose from for selling. The warmer weather makes the traditional yard sale possible. But there are other, less labor-intensive ways to make a transaction. Furniture, clothes, electronics, and accessories can all be sold online. This article on 49 Ways to Turn Your Clutter Into the Most Cash gives an exhaustive list of the best online marketplaces and apps.


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