Alert Devices For Those With Hearing Impairments

Alert Devices for Those With Hearing Impairment

Before the days of technology, many people with hearing impairments had to rely on family and friends for their safety and connectivity to the rest of the world. As technology has evolved, it has made life much easier for everyone, including those with hearing impairments.

According to, “Today there are assistive listening devices, hearing aids, FM systems, infrared systems, captioning and amplification devices that help people communicate with others, hear the sounds of everyday life and enjoy entertainment when they otherwise would have a difficult time due to hearing loss.” All of these devices use one or more types of signals such as light, sound, and vibration.

What Type of Alert Devices Are Available

There are many different types of alerting devices available, however some of the most frequently used are alarm clocks, doorbells, smoke detectors and indicators on phones. Parents can also use pagers to be notified if their infant is crying. Some of the alerting features on these devices include:

  • Alarm clocks can be set up with a flashing light, a loud horn or a gentle vibration to wake the sleeper.
  • A flashing light on the doorbell will notify people in the home when guests arrive.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms will use vibration and flashing lights to notify those in the home who may not have their hearing aids in.
  • Flashing light indicators or adjustable ringers can be added to analog phones to let owners know someone is calling. Portable versions of the flashing indicators are available so they can be strategically placed throughout a home or apartment.
  • Pagers are a great alert device and can be worn on the clothing or kept in your pocket. They can be programmed to whatever type of notification you would like to receive. They can vibrate when your phone is ringing or when someone arrives at your home. They can also notify parents or caretakers of young children crying. Some of these devices can even analyze the cry and determine whether the baby is hungry, bored, or sleepy and will light up an appropriate image.
  • Weather alert radios can be used by themselves or with other alerting accessories like strobes or bed-shakers. These are great for people with hearing loss because many times they cannot hear the rumble of thunder or crack of lightning. In addition to that, this will also be great for those who don’t watch TV or listen to the radio. The weather alert radios will give their owners warning that they may not receive any other way.
  • Finally, with the advancement of technology, companies have begun to develop a discreet bracelet, which is worn on the wrist. It can notify you for up to six things such as a phone ringing or fire alarm going off. There are little gills on the inside of the bracelet that move, and lights on the outside that light up to catch your attention.

As Technology continues to advance, there is no doubt we will begin to see more and more alert systems developed for those with hearing loss and impairment. Independent Living Aids will be there every step of the way, to help you through your journey.


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This blog was written by contributing author Sarah Bowman, Owner of Sarah Bowman Assisting.