Simple Alerts for the Phone

Simple Alerts for the Phone

If you are hearing impaired, choosing an alerting system for your phone doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several simple alerting options that are easy to use and easy on the budget.

Devices that Ring Loudly

If you have some hearing, one option is to find a phone amplifier. Amplifiers make your phone ring louder. Our Audible Ring Signaling Device by Clarity offers an adjustable loud ringer and includes an adjustable ringing tone. This is helpful because sometimes the tone is as important as the volume in determining whether or not you can detect the sound. And the Audible Ring is powered by the phone line, so no batteries are needed.

Devices that Flash

If you only need a visual signal, you can choose a basic flashing alert, like the Phone Strobe Flasher. This compact strobe light has a powerful flash that will let you know when your telephone or TTY is ringing.

The strobe is easy to install and is powered by the phone line, so no batteries are needed. It will work with any analog phone and measures 3.25 x 2 x 1.25 inches.

Devices That Vibrate

But what if you’re deaf, and you’re not looking at your phone to see the flash? Phone alerts that vibrate solve that problem. Ditto is a wearable cell phone alert clip that allows you to feel your phone from 50 to 100 feet away. Ditto notifies you to calls, texts, emails, alarms and calendar updates.

You will also never lose or leave your phone behind because Ditto is electronically tethered to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will vibrate to alert you that you are forgetting your phone.

If that sounds like too much information coming in, Ditto also comes along with an app you can download onto your iPhone or Android device. It allows you to customize the program with the exact notifications you would like to receive.

Combo Systems

Some of the most common phone alerts combine two or three features to cover all their bases. One of the best combo alerts we carry is the AmpliCALL10. When your telephone rings, this telephone ringer indicator will ring very loudly and flash to let you know there is an incoming call.

If that’s not enough, A CLA2 shaker pad can be plugged into the AmpliCALL10. When the phone rings, the pad vibrates. This is an ideal solution for heavy sleepers who are expecting important telephone calls at night.

One of the most affordable options we carry is the Loud Ringer Light Box FC-5683-2. It rings at up to 95dB and has a bright LED alerting light. Once again, no batteries or AC adapter are required because the device is line powered.

Other Considerations

When choosing an alerting system for your phone, you first need to decide what type of sensory alert you need- louder sounds, bright lights, or vibration. Beyond that, you want to consider whether or not you want the device to be part of a larger alert system, or if you want it to be stand-alone.

Also, you’ll need to understand the difference between digital and analog phones and what type of system works with each one. Some products, like the Serene Central Alert Home/Cell Phone Sensor-Transmitter can actually be connected to your landline and your cell phone with the help of a smartphone cradle.

Whatever combinations you need or considerations you have, ILA has a product that will work for you. Check out our variety of telephone amplifiers and ringers here.