3 Gift Ideas For The Hearing Impaired Dad

Hearing Impaired Dads

Purchasing a Father’s Day gift for the dad with a hearing impairment can be a bit daunting. In some cases, it can be a sensitive topic because he has not yet come to terms with the fact that his hearing isn’t as good as it once was.

Or if he has been living with his hearing impairment for a while now, he still may not like to talk about it, and that’s ok. Finding a thoughtful gift for him will not only say thank you for all he has done for you, but it will also show him that you care. This week, we would like to give you a few ideas on some gifts that any dad would love.

How about Earbuds and headphones?

Why not pick your dad up a pair of wireless earbuds or headphones?  While wireless earbuds can be a bit pricey, they are great for those struggling with hearing loss. Most earbuds connect to your devices via bluetooth and are placed directly into the ear. By putting the earbud into the ear, the sound is placed more deeply into it, thus allowing the wearer to hear the music or phone call more clearly.

While looking at earbuds, you can also check out headphones. You can find noise-canceling or even headphones specifically for the TV. These headphones can be connected to your dad’s TV, again by Bluetooth, and stream the sound directly into the headphones. ILA carries lightweight, comfortable, Amplified Bluetooth Headphones.

Another option for dad could be turning his hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones. Yes, you read that right! If your dad has Phonak hearing aids, you can help him turn them into wireless headphones. “The Phonak TVLink enables hearing aid users to receive sound directly into their hearing aids.” The only caveat is that this must be used in conjunction with a ComPilot or ComPilot Air.

Not Just Any Old Alarm Clock

Do you think that you may want to find something a little more practical for Father’s Day this year? What would you say to a new alarm clock? Yes, there is the old adage, been there, done that, but sometimes those who struggle with hearing loss have a hard time hearing their alarm clocks in the morning. Several different types of clocks are available.

First, there are alarm clocks like this one, that come with a bed shaker. The shaker is placed under the mattress and will shake the bed when it is time to wake up. Secondly, you can check out alarm clocks that vibrate when it is time to wake up. This particular clock is portable and can easily be taken with your loved one when they travel.  Finally, if you’re not sure if your dad would like to wake up to the vibrating alarm clock, you can check out an alarm clock with flashing lights. There is even a bodyclock alarm clock that will gradually light up and help wake you naturally.

Let Dad Know When You Are There to Visit

If you’re concerned that the dad in your life may be missing visitors who come to his home because he may not be hearing the doorbell, you may consider looking into a portable doorbell like this, It has 3 volume levels and a flashing light. You could also get a few extra to place strategically throughout his home or apartment.

Buying Father’s Day gifts doesn’t need to become a stressful thing. With a little bit of thought, you can come with some pretty great ideas that any dad in your life would surely appreciate.

ILA has a variety of Father’s day gifts to meet every need. Check out our inventory and find what might work best for you!


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This blog was written by contributing author Sarah Bowman, Owner of Sarah Bowman Assisting