How To Use Digital Voice Recorders To Simplify Your Life

Voice Recorders

While digital voice recorders have been around for ages and we are aware of their uses, we wanted to give you a few additional ideas of how you can use them to simplify your everyday life.

Doctors Appointments and Other Meetings

Do you ever go to the doctor and feel like your head is spinning when you leave? This has happened to me several times when leaving my daughter’s pediatrician’s office. I want to remember every piece of information that was given to me about how she has been growing, what we need to work on and things we need to watch out for. It has gotten better as she has gotten older, but looking back to those early days, a digital voice recorder would have been SUPER helpful and a lifesaver for me!

Not only would a digital voice recorder be helpful for your doctor’s appointments, but they are also great to take to other meetings you may have. This will help you to recap the meeting at a later time if need be and will offer you reminders of items you said you would do or follow up on.

Create Daily To-Do List

Digital voice recorders are great for creating your daily to-do list. I have used them several times when I am feeling overwhelmed with things to do and I don’t know where to start. Sometimes this is easier than a written note because you can say everything on your mind and expand as needed. Many times when we write notes, in an effort to save time we don’t expand enough, and then forget what the initial note was about. (Maybe this is just me…)

Make Up Your Weekly Grocery List

Instead of carrying your notepad and pen around your house, you can carry your digital voice recorder with you to each room and make your grocery list. This will help you to never forget your face wash again. Once you’ve made your list, you have a couple of options, you can take your recorder with you to the store and replay as you shop, or you can playback your recording and write your list on a sheet of paper at your kitchen table.

Capture Those Moments of Creativity

Do you ever come up with ideas of activities that you would like to do or projects you would like to complete? If you’re like me, these ideas strike me at the oddest times. Having a digital voice recorder on hand to notate these ideas helps me to dictate them in detail so I know exactly what I need to look up and how I will need to complete the project.

Learn More

Have you thought about taking a class? What about learning a new language? Digital voice recorders are great for taking to classes, lectures, readings, tutoring sessions or even to record yourself speaking to learn a new language or critique your current one. Listening to the playback, you are able to catch anything that the professor or lecturer may have said that you missed initially, or it can confirm what you have already heard.

Digital voice recorders have so many functions and uses today that can make our lives easier. They help us to remember and capture those special moments that we don’t want to forget. Consider ordering a digital voice recorder today to begin making your life more simple.

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This blog was written by contributing author Sarah Bowman, a stay-at-home mom turned business owner of Sarah Bowman Assisting.