Fall Prevention Tips and Products From ILA

Fall Prevention Tips

Falls happen for all kinds of reasons. Some people have balance or strength issues. For others, low vision may play a part. Or the environment may be more perilous than necessary. Because falls can cause complications beyond just a little bruising, it’s important to put policies and practices in place to prevent them.

Fall Prevention

Let’s start with some personal tips and suggestions.  Sometimes your health makes you a more of a fall risk than your environment.  Evaluate the medicines you are taking and notice if any of them make you at risk for dizziness, blurred vision, or sleepiness. All of these things can make you more likely to fall.

Being out of shape physically also makes you more likely to fall. Doing activities that promote strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance will make falling less of a risk.  Of course, moving carefully and deliberately is also important. If you are overly active and move quickly and carelessly, you will be more likely to get thrown off balance.

Environmental Changes

Look around your environment. Is it clear from clutter? Is everything easily accessible?  Remove the extra stuff from your floors and walkways. Put away boxes, cords, or rugs that could trip you. Make sure your furniture is stable and won’t tip or fall if you lean against it. Sharp corners should be covered or turned away from areas where you might fall into them.

Put stabilizing equipment in your bathroom. Install grab bars near the toilet and bath or shower.  Use non-slip rugs in areas where you will be standing while wet. Rails in the hallways or along stairs are also good for providing extra support. Making sure that all of these areas are well lit will also help you navigate your environment safely.

Wear clothing that fits well. Clothes that are too loose or too long can get caught on things or stepped on.  You don’t want to trip on a pair of pants just because you haven’t gotten around to having them hemmed. And socks can be slippery on hard floors. Choose to use socks with rubber grips on the bottom, or just get a pair of house slippers.

Equipment and Supports

If you need extra supports for walking or standing. then you can try a piece of equipment like the SafetySure Stand Ease. The Stand Ease’s adjustable arms give you extra stability when standing up or sitting down. It’s also mobile, so that you can use it anywhere in your home, or even at a friend’s house.

When the weather cold and your sidewalks get slick, add some extra tread to your shoes with something like our stainless steel Ice Treads.  Ice treads stretch to fit around almost any shoe, and they provide traction in the snow and ice.

And for more constant assistance, you may want to consider using a cane or walker. Our Easy Twin Grip Support Cane pulls double duty. It has two handles. One for when you have it folded out as a cane and another below that for you to use to push yourself up from a seated position.


ILA carries a variety of walkers and canes. Check out our selection here and take action to prevent falls.