Top 3 Benefits of Shopping Online

Top 3 Benefits of Shopping Online

Why fight the crowds this Friday when there are so many benefits to shopping online? Instead of getting up early to stand in line and beat the rush, you can sleep in. And nothing beats making purchases on your computer while wearing pajamas and sipping a cup of coffee or tea.


The convenience of shopping online may be the only reason you need. Sales prices aside, some people would probably pay extra not to have to get in their car and drive to the store.

Online shopping is always just a click away. Nothing is location dependent. If you live in a small town with limited resources, thanks to the internet you can still shop at any store you please.

And the stores are open 24 hours a day. You don’t have to worry about getting up early, trying to get off work in time, or using up your only free weekend days just to make it to the stores during business hours.

Price Checking

Have you ever purchased something at one store only to find it cheaper at another? While many places will often refund the higher priced item, you still have to go to the trouble of returning it or bringing proof of the other store’s prices. That’s a lot of work for a few dollars.

With online shopping, price comparison in much easier. You can manually search for the same item at different stores, or you can find a browser extension, like Honey, that will alert you if the things you are looking at can be found cheaper elsewhere.

You can also price-check between brands. While the store may only offer two types of blenders, you can find hundreds online. And it’s easy to do a little research on blogs and websites that are devoted to comparing the details and prices of similar items.

Gift Giving

Part of the holiday rush is packing up and mailing those gifts to out-of-town friends and family. With online shopping, you can often cut out this step.

Most stores will allow you to choose a different mailing address than what is associated with your credit card. So if you’re buying a single gift, you can just change the address to have it sent to the recipient.

Usually, you can even change the receipt to a gift receipt that so no one will see what you paid. Also, some stores even offer gift wrapping for a small fee.

ILA’s Black Friday Sales

ILA is bringing you some fun sales this Friday. Our Touch Face Talking Watch speaks the time when you touch anywhere on the face. This makes it easy to use for people with poor dexterity. The watch speaks the full date, has a talking alarm and has an hourly chime. It comes in Small, Medium, and X-Large.

The modern-looking Z-line desk lamp provides brilliant white LED lighting and has glare-control filters to reduce eye strain. It reproduces natural light, with no flickering. But most remarkably, this desk lamp not just functional, but it’s beautiful as well.

Stimulate blood circulation and eliminate fatigue with this a heated foot massager by Moshi. It has three vibration modes and multiple massaging options. The timing function allows you to “set it and forget it.” And both the inner and outer lining are machine-washable.

When it’s time to pull up a chair and do your online Black Friday shopping, be sure to check out these items!