Stay Safe!: Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

Stay Safe!: Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

Many seniors like to travel over the winter holidays. Whether they plan to spend time with family at holiday gatherings or take the opportunity to go on vacation to warmer destination locations, getting out and about is often in the plans.

So how can you stay safe and comfortable when outside of your home? There are several necessary things that seniors should do well ahead of time before packing their bags for that next trip.

Get a Check-Up

If it’s been a while since you had your last check-up, schedule one before you leave town. If you have heart disease or any other chronic health problem, this is especially important. You want to make sure you know nothing has changed regarding your condition.

If you get sick while away, you will also want to know all of your baseline statistics. What has your blood pressure recently been? What is your most recent weight? These are all things an out of town provider may need to know to make a good decision about your care.

If you’ve had surgery recently, that’s another good reason to be seen. You will want to make sure your healing is still on track. And if you were planning to get the flu vaccine, doing it before travel would be ideal.

Refill and Pack Your Medications

Packing your prescriptions might be a given, but did you check to make sure they won’t run out while you are away? It may be possible to get refills from an out of town pharmacy, but it’s not always easy.

If it’s not quite time for your refill, but you will run out while away, just talk to your pharmacist. Often they will allow you to go ahead and fill it back up if they know you will be gone. Or they can give you instructions on how to get an easy refill from another pharmacy.

And don’t just pack the pills you take on a daily basis. If you have any “rescue meds” or “as needed” medications, be sure to bring those with you. Even if you haven’t needed to use a particular drug in months, you don’t want to risk not having it while away.

Bring Mobility Supplies

Staying in another house or hotel room can be difficult if your own home is specially set up for your mobility needs. You can’t just remodel your son’s bathroom or start screwing special supports into the hotel room wall.

Portable, easy-install mobility supplies are great for travel. For example, the Foldeasy Toilet Support is portable, adjustable, and foldable. There’s no need to modify the bathroom you are visiting because the free-standing frame fits around your toilet seat. Armrests aid you in sitting and standing with greater ease.

If you’re afraid of falling in the tub or shower, pack the Easy Install Bath Safety Grip HandleThis handle makes the bathtub and shower safer without requiring drilling or screws for installation. It has a red/green color indicator buttons tell you if you have a secure suction, so that you can grip and grab with confidence.

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