Stocking Stuffers For The Visually Impaired

Stocking stuffers can be some of the most difficult presents to choose, due to their size. Things that small are often either not very expensive (like candy and nuts) or they are very expensive (like jewelry). So hitting your price point might be challenging, too. ILA can help you solve that problem by giving suggestions for stocking stuffers for the visually impaired. We’ve got items that are practical, fun, within a moderate price range, and small enough to fit into your sock.

Reading Materials and Accessories

Lots of reading-related items can fit into a stocking. Upgrade your loved one’s eyeglass holder or case by getting them something like our black vinyl or tapestry patterned upright holders. Book lights are also popular. Some people prefer the pocket versions that flip open, while others like a clip-on light that can be attached to their book.

Most jewelers loupes and other magnifiers don’t take up much space. There are so many different types of magnification tools to choose from. You could probably get several, just to give your friend or relative lots of options. Some are even designed like jewelry- making a gift of a necklace both stylish and practical

Large print and braille books are usually too big to qualify as stocking stuffers, but electronic books are not! The Megavoice Bible Envoy S is a solar powered digital player that can be charged by sunlight. It’s small and portable, which means it’s also the right size for a stocking stuffer! And it weighs only 2.4 ounces. The raised buttons and four levels of navigation make it incredibly user-friendly for searching through hundreds of hours of audio Bible content.

Clocks and Watches

A wall clock or grandfather clock may be way too big to stuff into a stocking, but most watches and clocks are a great fit.

Watches come with different functions and forms. Whether you are looking for something basic or dressy, we carry watches that fit all styles. We have talking watches, low vision watches (with bigger numbers), vibrating watches, and even braille watches!

To find a small clock, just check out our travel clock page. The travel clocks come in many sizes and shapes as well. Some talk, some vibrate, and some even make loud booms to wake the heaviest sleeper (or someone with hearing impairment).

If you want a standard, tiny little clock, the Travel and Pocket Male Voice Talking Clock is only 3.25″ x 2.25”. It has a slide-off plastic cover that protects the setting buttons (no accidental resets!) but leaves the talk button uncovered so you can press it to hear the time. A stand pops out when you pull the cover off so you can rest it on your dresser.

Pens and Markers

Pens and markers are also a safe bet. They’ll help you finish filling up the empty spaces in that stocking. Sharpies, dark graphite pencils, and contrast pens make it easier for people with low vision to see what they are writing.

Just like the magnifiers, you can buy an assortment for them to test out in different scenarios and on different paper mediums. It never hurts to have an extra pen!


Still stuck? Give us a call so we can help you choose that perfect holiday gift!


Gifts For the Holidays That Are Practical and Fun!

All of the items we sell at ILA are practical, but many of them are fun as well! When you can find that balance in a holiday present, you’ve hit the jackpot. Gag gifts may be entertaining for a moment, but at the end of the day, they usually end up pushed to the back of a shelf or thrown in the trash. Totally practical items may be necessary and appreciated, but they lack that spirit of fun and surprise that you want to experience on the holidays.

Here are a few suggestions for products that combine the best of both worlds. They are practical, yet add an element of fun to gift giving.

Book Readers

Book readers are one of the most practical items you can buy. Reading is fundamental. Whether you’re a student who has to study for your classes, or you are an individual who wants to keep up with the latest news or novel. But they can also be a lot of fun!

Different book readers come with features that appeal to their target market. So while a student may want to get one that has the capability to also record lectures, someone else may just want the simplest thing they can find that still plays audiobooks. You’ll want to keep that in mind while making a selection.

The Milestone 312 has so many features that half the fun is just discovering everything it can do. This reader offers a voice recorder, music player, superior text to speech voices, NLS-Audio book player, clock, and alarm. It can play and National Library of Congress books as well. Even more features can be bought separately. All this in a device the size of a credit card case!

Book readers, while practical, can bring a lot of entertainment  to someone’s life. (Or at least reduce frustration for a student.)


Asking someone for the time is a universal conversation starter. Watches are one of the most practical things we own. Staying on schedule for jobs, appointments, meal times, and medications is essential for functioning in society.

That said, watches don’t have to be boring and bland. With all the different functions there are to choose from, you can find a watch that is fun, and that makes telling the time easy and convenient. And different band choices can help you express your personality.

For example, our Ladies one-button (choice of voice) talking watch now comes with bling. This popular watch now comes with an expansion band of intricately decorated beads. The hands automatically synchronize once the time is set in speech mode. This ensures that the analog face display and the voice function remain synchronized.


It’s not hard to imagine how games can be fun. But are they practical, too? Absolutely. Playing games is a great way to bond with your friends and family. A good classic game creates memories and traditions. And when you purchase something that is good quality, it can be passed down through the years.

One family favorite that has stood the test of time is Dominoes. That’s why our Raised Dot Dominoes are fun for all! These are standard, double dot dominoes that can be used for any regular domino game. The 1”x2” dominoes have raised tactile dots. They also come with a black carrying case.

If you’re still stuck on gift ideas, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you select the best presents for your loved one. (Or yourself!)


Holiday Gifts for People With Low Vision

Do you have a friend or family member with low vision? With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about what kind of gifts they might like.

Fun and Games

Most people like getting something fun for the holidays. As tempting as it may be to buy a scarf and glove set just to check a gift off your list, it doesn’t take too much effort to find something a little more unique and enjoyable.

Many games come in tactile, large print, or braille editions. Connect Four, Uno, Rummikub, and Dominos are all games that we’ve found and offer on our website. Standard playing cards also come in large print editions.

Or if you want to play something more active, we carry soccer balls, volleyballs, and even basketballs that have bells to alert the player to the ball’s location. One of our basketballs also comes with a goal locator buzzer that will sound when the ball makes it through the goal.

For someone who enjoys crafting, a nice task lighting lamp could make a significant difference in how well they can see. Some lamps even come with built-in magnifiers. Lamps that replicate natural light are usually easier on the eyes and help with color recognition.

Books and Reading

For book lovers, you could invest in a new audiobook player. Our Milestone 212 Ace Book Reader is one of the most portable and functional book readers you can find. It fits in the palm of your hand. This player can play MP3s, Daisy downloadable books, books from the National Library Service, books, and more.

Other readers, like the Victor Reader Stream, has wireless capabilities that can play books, newspapers, podcasts, and even the radio. It can also record your own voice notes.

On Sale This Week

Some of our favorite gift ideas are on sale this week. You can always check our Clearance/Discount page to find everyday steals, but these items were specially picked for the holidays.

Po-Ke-No is the perfect game to play with everyone. It’s fun, but the gameplay is simple enough for a 6-year-old.  Up to 12 players can work to cover the cards on their boards, hoping to be the first to complete a row. The letters, symbols, and numbers on the boards measure over .5″ in height and are easy to see as are the calling cards.

Love gadgets? This 3.5” Portable Magnifier is small enough to carry in your pocketbook. It has a CCTV magnification range of 2X to 24X. You can freeze frame an image, then zoom in on whatever area you need to see closely. And there are 15 color options for easier viewing!

The RNIB PenFriend2 Voice Labeling System allows users to easily record, and re-record information onto self-adhesive labels. The PenFriend is useful for labeling food items, including freezer food and even add cooking instructions, film and music collections, organize household paperwork, record shopping lists or leave audio messages. All you have to do is record your message and keep track of the label in a notebook or other space you’ll remember. Great for students as well as for home tasks.

To see our entire low vision selection, check out our main Vision page.