3 Fun Outdoor Exercises for Seniors

3 Fun Outdoor Exercises for Seniors

When trying to come up with outdoor exercises for seniors, it’s easy to default to the most obvious activities. Walking, swimming, and cycling are commonly recommended for older adults who need to get outside and move.


But sometimes those exercises sound like more work than fun. That’s why we’ve compiled three outside-the-box activities that can help you get moving while retaining the fun factor.


Play as Exercise

Playing outdoors is one of the most overlooked exercise opportunities for adults. We tend to want everything organized and official. That’s why we join sports teams or running clubs.


But if you think about the way small children stay active, you’ll realize their exercise comes naturally through play. Why can’t adults play, too?


The easiest way to do this is to join your kids or grandkids out in the yard for a pickup game. No matter whether you are playing tag, soccer, baseball, or hide-and-seek, your grandkids will just be happy you’re spending time with them. And you’ll be getting some exercise.


You can also play alone or with adults. Go fly a kite in the park. Start a game of horseshoes or cornhole. Put up a badminton net in your yard. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you are having fun.

Garden to Stay Healthy

The BBC recently released an article that proclaimed, “Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to be 100.”


The benefits of gardening are both physical and mental. Physical exercise comes from walking, squatting up and down, carrying supplies, and doing other things that require strength.


One benefit that isn’t exercise-related is that spending more time outdoors boosts both mood and vitamin D levels. Another is that staying cognitively active as you plan your garden can help prevent dementia. Also, if you garden fruits or vegetables, eating what you grow can contribute to a healthier diet.


Take your Indoor Equipment Outside

Do you get bored doing your at-home exercises? Staring at the wall or TV just isn’t that fun. A simple way to remedy that is to take your indoor equipment outside. As soon as the weather is nice, move your stationary exercise sessions to the yard. You can have the benefits of outdoor exercise without having to actually go somewhere.


This week ILA has several items on sale that can help you get moving- inside or out.


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