Handwriting is Good for You

Handwriting is Good for You

Writing by hand can increase both memory and creativity. It can also be a welcome respite from this crazy busy world to just sit down with pen in hand. It can feel like you’re putting more of your heart and soul into what you’re writing when you take your time and watch the ink glisten off the page. It seems that handwriting, especially calligraphy, may be making a comeback in big ways.  


Handwriting Increases Memory and Creativity

According to Quartz, handwriting leads to increased brain activity, long-term information retention, and increased ability to generate ideas. They came to this conclusion by comparing brains scans that were imaged be persons typing and by persons handwriting. Researchers surmise this could be due to the fact that it takes more intention and more action to form words by pen than by hitting a series of keys. When someone is handwriting, they are forming each letter themselves instead of allowing a machine to form them instead.

The article further shares results form a Princeton University study. Their research found that students who took notes via laptop performed poorly on conceptual questions, whereas, those that handwrote their notes performed better. It is suggested that the process of taking notes longhand forces your brain to sort through what is being said allowing for more pertinent information to be written down versus typing what is said verbatim.

The article concludes by naming famous writers who to this day prefer to handwrite their novels, stories, or poetry prior to typing them up for print format. Quentin Tarantino even went so far as to say poetry should never be typed at all.

Handwriting is great for both the Writer and Recipient

There are many reasons why a handwritten note or letter is good for you but for now let’s look at 5 reasons why you should write and 9 reasons why once you start you shouldn’t stop writing.

According to American Stationery, the 5 most important benefits to writing are:

  • It really shows you care
  • You make memories that matter
  • You make your words count
  • It helps you become smarter and more creative
  • It reduces stress levels

If those aren’t enough reason for you to get into the habit of handwriting again (or even for the first time) let’s now look at the 9 reasons once you start you shouldn’t stop. You’ll soon see that the list to encourage you to write are quite like the list of whys to keep going. This list comes from an article on Huffpost and it delves into both the physical and mental benefits to keep you writing.

  • They create lasting memories
  • They show how much you care
  • They make you feel good
  • They make every word count
  • They spark creativity
  • They require your undivided attention
  • They require unplugging
  • They honor tradition
  • They’re timeless


If you do not believe some of these are true take a step back in time and read some of these timeless letters preserved (and yes typed for legibility/sharing) for the ages at Letters of Note.

Handwriting is making a Comeback

If you search on Amazon for “calligraphy” you’ll come up with over 10,000 search results. If you search Facebook for “Pen pals” you’ll come up with many pages and groups some with more than 13,000 members. Even Hollywood has gotten in on the handwriting craze in the past few years with movies such as “The Lakehouse” (Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) and “Letters to Juliet” (Amanda Seyfried and Gael Garcia Bernal). Not to mention writing clubs forming around the world.

Yes Magazine gives us an inside look at one such writing club in LA. The writing club made its debut in 2015 and in addition to writing letters that are sent all over the world, the group cooks together, laughs together, and just has a great time socializing while practicing the age-old art of handwriting letters.

To love ourselves, is another writing club that has popped up recently. It is a non-profit letter project allowing women to writer to other women/girls from around the world who need a bit of extra encouragement.

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This post was written by Alicia Baucom