Tips, Tricks, and Treats For Holiday Events

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, for many people October 31st signifies the beginning of the holiday season. This article will look at tips, tricks, and treats to help yourself and/or your loved ones with visual impairment make the most of your time together during this season and throughout the year. Many of these items can also help persons with other sorts of impairments as well.

Hosting a Holiday Event

Shopping, prepping, picking out the right outfit, and cooking are likely the first things that come to mind when hosting an event. Looking beyond the obvious what else should you be concerned with when you’re the one in charge?

When thinking about your guest list you need to keep several things in mind including any potential allergies. If mailing out invitations be diligent in including an RSVP with space to write in any food allergies your guest might have. If verbally inviting your guests practice working, it into the conversation to be sure it’s covered when invited. Michigan Health offers an in depth look on circumventing allergy pitfalls. One of their suggestions is to label each dish. To help visually impaired guests using this Braille Label Maker will make it easier for them to know what they are putting on their plates. (For Halloween trick or treaters the Teal Pumpkin Project helps take the guess work out of handing out allergen laden treats when knocking at your door)

Being able to hear or see when your guests arrive is also something that needs to be considered. This Wireless Doorbell could make their arrival easier for the host to notice. This doorbell has three different volume settings with four different chimes and a small light that flashes when the doorbell button is pressed. This can prove to be quite the handy doorbell signaler for hard of hearing users or anyone who needs a quick and easy to install wireless doorbell.

Planning for Events Away from Home

Knowing where each event will take place will make planning for the event easier. If the event is local then chances are planning will be minimal at best. If the most you must worry about is walking from a vehicle to a building, or even walking around your neighborhood, ensuring you have adequate lighting is important. This Dual Beam Flashlight is an excellent choice to illuminate both the ground to see where you’re walking and in front of you to see where you’re going. Its compact design with built in handle makes it easy to carry as well.  If you desire a more versatile light another good option is the Larry Light C LED Pocket Work Light.

If you’re traveling out of town, or even out of the state or country, different types of planning need to be done. If the mode of travel is out of your direct control (plane, train, bus, boat, etc.) then it’s important to call ahead to ensure they can accommodate all your needs and that every step along the way is accessible. Step by step tips can be found within this Wikihow article. Two items that can be obtained prior to heading out the door to your location of choice include the Revolution 7 Section Folding ID Cane and the Victor Reader Talking GPS. The first is quite useful for letting those around you know that you are blind or visually impaired. The second is multifunctional and can be handy throughout your travels. During passive travel you can listen to audio books or music and when actively traveling it doubles as a talking GPS; allowing you to hear your location no matter where it may be.

Time Management

In addition to the intricate planning that can be needed when hosting or attending an event proper time management can help everything go off without a hitch. Using a large print calendar or a braille calendar can help keep planning simple, organized, and timely.

Speaking of time, this Atomic Talking Time and Date Alarm Watch can be just what you need to not lose track of time. This watch is ideal for anyone with visual impairments or who are blind. It clearly speaks the time, day, date, and month in a pleasant male voice. Plus, being an atomic watch it’s particularly useful when the clocks change November 3rd (or any time change). Simply set your time zone and it automatically sets the time with no adjusting from you.

For more tips, treats, and tricks check out previous blogs or product info at independent living aids, LLC.