Celebrating Independence Throughout the Year

Independence Day is upon us which usually means parades, festivals, and fireworks. This year, thanks to the coronavirus, festivities will be a bit more intimate around the nation. For persons with disabilities celebrating independence is something that is striven for, albeit with hurdles, throughout the year. This blog will look at a few ways in which persons with visual impairments can celebrate both on the 4th of July and the rest of the days too.


Being able to maneuver and do things independently in and around your home is something most able-bodied people take for granted. Here are a few items that ILA offers that makes routine tasks a bit more worry-free for persons with visual impairments.

Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock: This is an amazing, modern styled talking clock that is totally voice controlled. Once set, through voice commands only, the current time, the alarm time and sound, the sleep sound, and even the date, can be retrieved by just asking for it. “MOSHI” is fully voice interactive and can be operated without ever seeing the clock.

WayAround Laundry Starter Pack: The Laundry Starter Pack contains WayTag 2-hole buttons plus a blind-friendly sewing kit–everything you need to get started tagging your clothing with WayAround. The WayAround product line is a combination of smartphone app and physical WayTags™ that allows you to tag and label nearly everything in your environment. Download the free app for either iPhone or Android onto your own smartphone

Talking Microwave Oven *** Magic Chef ***: This Magic Chef Microwave Oven has been specially modified to talk, making it accessible and simplifying its use for those with low vision or no vision at all. It features an adjustable cook time, adjustable power level, a built-in kitchen timer, a clock, and an attend to food timer. Around each button of the keypad is a raised ring to make them easy to locate by touch. A momentary press of any button will tell you what the button does.

Travel or Errands

For many people doing errands is something that is second nature and traveling Is something done either for business or for fun. Both are things that negate much planning on the part of someone with no physical and/or mental limitations. For people with visual impairments much more thought and planning are needed from start to finish. Here are a few items that could make navigating these items a bit easier.

BRAILLED Jumbo Portable Pill Box with Tactual Markings: Every detail has been included to make this the most useful pillbox for the visually impaired and individuals with limited dexterity. Seven removable pill holders come in a sturdy plastic frame. Each individual pill bar has four large compartments marked tactually and in Braille ‘MORN’, ‘NOON’, ‘EVE’ and ‘BED’. There is even an arrow pointing to the ridge for easy opening. Pills can be distributed to their compartments at the beginning of each week and the bar for each day removed and placed on the vanity or carried, whichever is most convenient.

Revolution 7 Section Folding ID Cane: Revolution Advantage 7 Section Graphite Folding Identification Cane is thin, light weight, and folds down for easy storage. It has a sturdy polymer pencil tip heat sealed onto the cane. It is quite useful for letting those around you know that you are Blind or visually impaired. Offered in 2-inch increments from 46 inches to 64 inches.

Sunu Mobility Device: The Sunu band is a wrist-worn smart watch which uses sonar technology (echolocation) to provide haptic (vibration) feedback regarding the user’s surroundings and other information. Used in conjunction with a guide dog or white cane, it can improve spatial awareness and provide information on obstacles in a user’s path that are above ground level up to 16 feet away. This smart-band augments your personal awareness, and reduces accidents to the body, chest, arms and head. It also has a Wayfinding tool to explore various categories of places which may be nearby including restaurants, shops, hospitals, banks, shops, metro stops, and more.

Just for Fun

Everyone enjoys having fun at least occasionally. There are so many advances in technology, thinking outside the box, and other sources of enjoyment available to most anyone of any ability. Here are just a few of the innovative and exciting things that ILA has to offer geared towards the visually impaired but able to be enjoyed by all.

Brailled Talking USA Jigsaw Puzzle: Begin rebuilding the USA map by finding the border states. When you place a State puzzle piece with the State’s initials, in Braille, into the correct puzzle place, a voice announces the state and its capital.

ISA Soccer Ball with Rattle Pods: With revolutionary rattling disks evenly distributed inside, the rattles continue to sound a few moments after motion has stopped. The rattling volume remains the same, unlike most other balls of its kind which contain bells that usually dissipate rapidly. Suitable for all ages; water and temperature resistant. Size 4 youth soccer ball, 23-24 inches in circumference. Whether fully blind or visually impaired, this ball encourages all to play the game. Please note this item is sold deflated.

Tactile Rubik’s Cube: This modified tactile Rubik’s Cube has different tactile markings for each color on the cube. This standard sized cube is a timeless and fun challenge.

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