Portable Handheld Magnifiers/CCTVs

learning about portable handheld magnifiers, MANOtouch CCTVS

People with low vision have more choices than ever before when it comes to magnification. The more technology changes and advances the harder it might be to choose the right kind of device for your own personal use. This blog will look at a few features offered on portable handheld magnifiers, also known as CCTVs (or closed-circuit televisions). 


MEyeSight states that bigger is not always better. A 6x magnifier is not always a better choice than a 3x magnifier. The higher the power, the smaller the area you see.  As a general rule, in order to maintain the largest area of view, choose a magnifier with the least power you can get away with.

Magnifiers are available in three different kind of strengths and some have the capability to transition between all three allowing you to pick and choose the strength depending on the task at hand.

Low Power Magnifiers: The lower the power the larger the diameter can be. For arts and crafts and viewing pictures a round magnifier may be preferred; for reading and writing a rectangular one can save some weight.

Medium Power Magnifiers: As the power increases, the depth of field decreases and the need for accurate focusing increases. This is where stand magnifiers have an advantage, especially for those with a tremor, with arthritis or with other problems that prevent them from holding and moving a magnifier for a prolonged period.

High Power Magnifiers: As the power increases, the field of view decreases. A stand is usually required. Most must be held close to the eye where the field of view is largest.

The MANOtouch 4 Touchscreen CCTV is equipped to go from a low 1X magnification all the way up to a 20X magnification.  It has a brilliant resolution camera with a 3.5″ touchscreen that delivers a superior viewing experience.

Portability and Functionality

Small portable CCTVs, tending to range between 3 to 5 inches in screen size, easily fit into a pocket or purse. Most are extremely lightweight coming in at under a pound.  Available only in the last 10 years, they have also improved steadily. They have the same options as a desktop CCTV, with white-on-black, color, freeze frame, and variable magnification levels. They are less expensive ($300 to $700) than a standard desk-top CCTV.

For people who are active, still working or traveling, portable CCTVs are especially useful. While there are some disadvantages, including small screen size, newer models have found ways to enable a work around. Devices with HDMI ports allow users to easily connect (with a HDMI cord) to larger screens such as monitors or TVs. This enables you to essentially have a desktop enabled device but at a handheld price.

Some devices also have built-in stands making it easier to use higher magnifications without the shakiness that could occur when held in your hand. The stand could also work as a tripod of sorts if you desire to take photos with devices with built-in camera ability.

The MANOtouch 5 Touchscreen CCTV offers everything mentioned in this section. It has a 5” touchscreen, weighs only 9.5 ounces, comes equipped with a built-in camera, and its built-in protective cover also serves as a stand. It also has an HDMI port allowing it to easily connect to larger screens.

Touchscreen Display

Touchscreen displays have opened the world up for on the go technology. No bulky keyboards need to be lugged around and everything can be done from one central screen. Different devices have varying degrees of added built-in additions to this display that might include haptic feedback (vibration) of a key being pressed or audible readback of either the text on the screen or functionality of the button. Most touchscreens tend to be highly customizable to each specific user’s need.

Some products include innovative camera technology which offers LVHD (Low Vision High Definition) technology to produce optimal image processing with flicker-free viewing. It also minimizes reflections from high gloss papers and removes all image distortions.

While many things can be intuitive with previous experience, it is often a good idea to consult with the user’s guide to learn all the different functions available on the touchscreen. You may be pleasantly surprised with everything your device can do.

The ManoTouch 5 Plus Touchscreen CCTV offers innovative touchscreen technology, combined with a fold out handle for optimal usability.  All operating controls are managed through a simple and intuitive touch screen display, with all the controls highly customizable according to a user’s specific needs.

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