Fun Facts, Statistics, and World Records Based on Gifting and the Holidays

This week’s blog is purely for fun. Hope it brings some smiles, happiness, and new trivia into your lives. Information from this blog was taken from 7 Fun Facts About Holiday Gift-Giving, Nine Gift-Related Facts You Didn’t Know, Holiday Spending Statistics That Paint a Clear Picture of Consumer Habits Holiday Spending Statistics for 2020, and Christmas World Records.

Fun Facts

The following are just a few fun facts when it comes to the holidays and gift giving. Some you may already know but hopefully others will be ones you had not heard of before.

The Midwest is where the most gifts are exchanged. People in the Midwest plan on buying gifts for an average of 9.04 recipients, which is by far the most of any region. Coming in second is the South, they average 8.50 recipients per person.

Baby boomers give gifts to the fewest recipients (of all currently adult generations). The most generous generation was the Silent Generation, which includes those born between 1928 and 1945. They averaged 8.73 recipients. Generation X was right behind them with 8.65 recipients, followed by millennials with 8.31.

Over half of Americans are last-minute shoppers.  Men more than women are likely to wait just before the special occasion to select a gift. It has also been proven that, overall, women are better at picking gifts than men are.

50% of recipients are not thrilled.  About 50% of recipients do not like the gifts they receive. Therefore, giving useful gifts is considered the best way of winning your recipient’s affection. This is especially true for men, who would rather receive a practical gift than something that simply looks nice.

Interesting Statistics

When it comes to shopping and gift giving some of these statistics may be quite eye opening and possibly even amusing.

Average Christmas Spending:

  • The average American planned to spend $942 on holiday gifts in 2019. (Gallup)
  • Last year, Americans spent $227.26 on non-holiday gift purchases such as decorations. (Alliant Credit Union)
  • Americans decide their holiday gift spending based on how close they are to the gift recipient (58 percent) and whether or not they’re family (28 percent). (Mint 2020 Holiday Survey)
  • Over 50 percent of holiday spending goes towards clothing and accessories. (Avant)
  • In 2019, holiday retail sales soared past $700 billion, making it the biggest holiday shopping season. (Statista)

Holiday Spending 2019 vs. 2020

  • Fifty-one percent of Americans plan to spend the same on holiday gifts in 2020 as they did in 2019. (Mint 2020 Holiday Survey)
  • Roughly 40 percent of holiday shoppers plan to spend less this year, and 8 percent plan to spend more. (Mint 2020 Holiday Survey)
  • Over half of consumers are opting out of retail shopping due to health risks. (Accenture)
  • Seventy-four percent of people agree that events will only include a small get-together. (Morning Consult)
  • In addition, 47 percent of adults agree that holiday events will be canceled. (Morning Consult)

Random Statistics:

  • Shopping for Christmas in the US starts on November 1 for 42% of consumers.
  • Consumers who begin their holiday spending before the end of October end up spending $1,761 on average – about 28% more than late shoppers.
  • Christmas is a time of giving to others: 70% of consumers report they will engage in some sort of charitable activity.
  • Holiday shoppers are very receptive to promotional offers – 82% of them are influenced by holiday discounts and other promotions.
  • Pet lovers are also big shoppers. In 2019, 77 percent of pet owners planned for their pets to be part of their holiday festivities. (The Dog People)

World Records

Finally, the last part of this blog will look at some incredibly unique and super specific world records concerning the holidays. These are but a few of the 65 records presented from the Christmas World Records which is part of Record Setters. Each record is complete with a short video depicting the feat at hand.

Most holiday songs sung by a duet in one minute was accomplished in Meso, Arizona on February 27, 2015. Paul Green and Mandy Nelson sang 18 holiday songs in one minute.

Most laps around a Christmas tree in one minute with a child on your shoulders was awarded to Pavol Durdik from Puchov, Slovakia. He circled the tree 23 times on January 02, 2017.

The fastest time to undecorate a tree goes to Chris Forsberg of Rosamond, California. He completed this task in 2.7 seconds using his car.

Longest time balancing a wreath on one thumb while dressed as Santa Claus goes to Mark Evans of Ruabon, Wales. He balanced the wreath for 18 minutes and 28.57 seconds on December 15, 2015.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon takes the honor for having the most people sitting on Santa’s lap at one time simultaneously saying their wishes. This feat was accomplished on December 14, 2012 in NYC, NY.

The largest group to play “Joy to thee World” on kazoos goes to the Thirst Youth Convention in Erie, PA. On November 23, 2013 they had 588 participants all playing this song together.  

There are 59 more feats that can be discovered by visiting the linked site above.

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