Voice Activated Products (No Wi-Fi needed)

Voice activated technology is everywhere from Amazon Echo, iPhone Siri, and every day appliances connected to Wi-Fi. There are times Wi-Fi is not an option either by choice, safety, or location. In those situations, it is nice to be able to find devices suitable for those who need the ability to establish things by voice only. This blog will look at three such items complete with linked URL.

Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock

Before looking at what all this item can do let us look at the reason it was developed in the first place. This is especially important for those looking for ways to help/assist their loved ones with dementia and/or living alone.

According to Gary Rotman, Inventor and co-founder of Life Assist Technologies, “Necessity is the mother of invention. I invented a solution for my 80-year-old father who was diagnosed with dementia and often forgot to take his medications and other daily tasks and ended up back in the hospital. When I tested and tweaked the device over several years and started to sell to others, dozens of overwhelming and even life changing testimonials came back to me from users, caregivers, healthcare professionals and even experts- and Reminder Rosie™ was born! I had no idea at the time that there were millions of people worldwide that had similar challenges as my father. High levels of hospital re-admittances, high health care costs, many unavoidable deaths and caregiver stress, all due to poor medication compliance. And over the next 5- 10 years an ever-increasing and ageing population want to live in comfort of their own home longer, independently and with dignity. Rosie has shown she can really help everyday!”

Now that you know the backstory let us dive into what this nimble little clock can do. The Reminder Rosie™ 25-Alarm Voice Controlled Clock will record your personalized voice reminders for medication, appointments, bill payments, and other tasks. These reminders will announce at any time and in any language recorded. The loud alarm and large display make this clock great for sight impaired or hard of hearing individuals.

Set up multiple reminders for everyday, any day of the week, or today only. Your loved ones can even record daily messages on the Reminder Rosie™ which can aid in combatting any feelings of loneliness. Currently the clock is only available in English, but you can record in any language.

This is also a great low vision alarm clock with its bright 2″ high LED digits that are visible at any angle. Reminder Rosie™ is hands free and voice activated, you never need to touch any buttons.

Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock

The Moshi IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Clock is an amazing, modern styled talking clock that is totally voice controlled. Once set, through voice commands only, the current time, the alarm time and sound, the sleep sound, and even the date, can be retrieved by just asking for it. “MOSHI” is fully voice interactive and can be operated without ever seeing the clock. The 12 commands can be asked and answered without even leaving the comfort of your bed! In addition to the indoor temperature announcement in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade, choose from 5 different backlight colors. To Activate Clock, simply say, “Hello Moshi.”

MOSHI listens and responds to 12 voice-activated commands. You can select from 3 different alarm sounds: chime, chirp, or bell. A sleep sound of your choice may be played for 5 minutes, water, birds, or waterfall. It includes a night light and “help” feature. It can operate with either an AC/DC adaptor (located inside the Styrofoam packaging of the clock) or 3 AAA batteries which are not included.

A couple of things of note from the user manual are:

When you turn off the alarm when it is sounding, Moshi will tell you the time, date and inside temperature. When the alarm is not sounding, Moshi will not speak.

It is important to remember that you cannot give a command while Moshi is speaking.

When clock is telling AM time there will be no icon on the display, but when in PM time, the icon “PM” will appear in upper left corner. In addition, when setting time, if you do not specify AM or PM, it will automatically set to AM time.

Verbally, say “set alarm” to turn the alarm on. To turn off or cancel the alarm, say “turn off the alarm”. Manually, you can turn the alarm on by the switch located on the bottom side of the clock. The alarm icon on the display verifies that the alarm is activated.

Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Dialer

The Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Activated In-Line Telephone Dialer is quite easy to use. Simply attach it to your favorite telephone and record the name of the person or place you would like to program and dial that number on the attached phone one time. The next time you pick up that phone this unit will prompt you, “Who would you like me to call?” State the name you recorded, and the unit will confirm with you and then dial the number. This unit will allow you to record up to 19 digits for each name you record. Stores up to 60 names with phone numbers.

You can train the unit by speaking the name into your handset/headset and then entering the corresponding number on your telephone keypad. To call a number not stored simply press the # symbol on the attached telephone and then dial the number as usual. The dialer works with regular corded telephones and cordless phones provided you are not too far from the cordless base causing distortion on the line. Please note that it does NOT work with cell phones. Voice prompts are available in English, French, or Spanish.

To train the dialer correctly you must do so in a quiet environment.  If it does not understand what you are saying it could be because of noise interference. This can be any noise from people in the room with you, a TV or radio working in the same room, or even loud noises coming from construction taking place near you.

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