Bathroom Safety: ILA Product Suggestions

Older adults and people with medical problems are at risk of falling or tripping. This can result in broken bones or more serious injuries. The bathroom is a place in the home where falls often happen. Making changes in your bathroom helps lower your risk of falling. (Source MedlinePlus) ILA offers many safety conscious items perfect for the bathroom. Keep reading for product suggestions based on area or purpose.

Bath or Shower

The bath or shower can be a dangerous place for anyone with balance or vision issues. There are things you can do to ensure the environment is as safe as possible including non-slip pads or mats both inside and outside of the shower. A few other suggestions include:

Padded Bath Safety Seat with Backrest: This safety seat comes equipped with padding so that it does not feel as hard to sit on as your typical bath chair. Other features include a backrest and adjustable legs allowing you to change the height from 14” to 18”.  The seat dimensions are 16″ wide x 11.5″ deep and supports up to 300lbs.

Easy Install Bath Safety Grip Handle: Movable shower handle can give you extra stability and security, wherever you need it in the bathroom.  Just place and activate the strong suction mechanism wherever you feel you need a stability aid. You can grip and grab it with confidence. Red/green color indicator buttons clearly and immediately tell you if you have a secure suction. You can mount the Easy-Install Bath Safety Grip Handle either vertically or horizontally. (Note: This handle should be used to aid and maintain stability; not intended to support full body weight.)

Vertical Bath Bar: This bath bar attaches to tub walls up to 6” wide and extends 14” above the tub edge to provide extra stability getting into and out of the tub.

General Organization and Labeling

Keeping clutter up and out of the way is the first step in ensuring everything is organized in as safe a manner as possible. If you have vision issues, or just want to be able to feel by touch the items you’re looking for in the case of water cascading over you in the shower, using some of the following items could prove beneficial.

CAN-DO Bumps Assortment (6 Pack): Included are 25 each of transparent small, medium, large and orange small and medium bumps, plus a package of Spotters. They can be used to help identify things in the bathroom including medication bottles, shampoo, conditioner, or lotion containers.

Texture 3D Paint – Set of 6 Colors: Squeeze this paint onto any surface and it will puff up as it dries leaving a textured, tactile line or dot. It can be used to create a tactile mark on just about any surface you can imagine, and it can even be washed in the washing machine without coming off.

Braille Label Maker: This braille labeler is perfect for a Blind person wanting to organize their belongings. This labeler has a tactile dial with Braille letters, as well as print letters so a sighted friend can help. The dial has the complete alphabet, as well as number signs, commonly used contractions, and punctuation marks. One roll of labels included.

WayAround Starter Pack: The WayAround product line is a combination of smartphone app and physical WayTags™ that allows you to tag and label nearly everything in your environment. Some waterproof tags can attach to awkward objects like bottles or cartons using clips, safety pins or rubber bands. You can reuse your WayTags again and again. To change a description or add details, edit the information in the app and retag any item. Or move a tag to a different object and completely change the information. Tags can be purchased in individual packages of 25 tags per shape, or you can purchase starter packs for various applications.


Having the proper height toilet can help ensure the bathroom stays a safer environment for those with balance issues and/or physical disabilities. This does not necessarily mean needing to install a brand-new ADA compliant commode. The following items could prove helpful in maintaining a safe environment.

Raised Toilet Seat 4 w/ Lid: This toilet seat riser adds 4 inches of height to your toilet and is made with convenient hygienic cutouts on both the front and backside of the unit. Product is easy to install with adjustable twist and lock clamps. Unit has a 300 lb. weight capacity.

Foldeasy Toilet Support: Provides safe support for people who need help getting on and off the toilet. No need to modify your bathroom or toilet; portable, adjustable & foldable for storage or travel. Designed for comfort and safety.

Stander Curve Grab Bar: The Curve Grab Bar is a space saving support rail that allows the user to easily rise from a sitting position by providing 4 hand grips at 4 different heights. This pivoting grab bar locks in place every 45 degrees and can also be locked flat against the wall when the bar is not in use. Made of rust resistant, zinc plated steel, it installs quickly into two wall studs.

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