Reinecker’s Mano CCTVs: An Overview of the ManoTouch 4, 5, & 6.

ILA is proud to offer Reinecker Mano Portable Electronic Magnification devices to our customers. Reinecker’s Mano CCTVs are a great way to have portability and quality in an electronic magnifier. For the past 50 years, Reinecker has specialized in the development, production, and distribution of Assistive Technology/Low Vision Aids for people with special needs in vision and blind persons. This blog will look at what Portable CCTVs/Video Magnifiers are and go into more detail the benefits available for each of the ManoTouch 4, ManoTouch 5, and ManoTouch 6.

Portable CCTVs/Video Magnifiers

An electronic magnification device (often known as a CCTV) is a great device for a person who requires a high level of magnification.  An electronic magnifier, or a video magnifier, displays that magnification on a digital screen, freeing the user from small, physical magnifying lenses.  Portable electronic magnifiers can range from a 3.5″ screen up to something as large as a 12″ screen. Handheld cameras/magnifiers are designed for bringing the camera to the material to be viewed. They can magnify almost anything within reach, including labels on packages of food and medicine. There are lots of sizes, styles, and functions in an electronic magnifier, so be sure to find something that works best for your needs.

ManoTouch 4

MANOtouch 4 demonstrates the next generation of electronic magnifiers. By combining function with operating comfort and design, the MANOtouch is user friendly and contemporary. It has been developed and manufactured with the highest of German quality standards.

With its high-resolution HD camera and auto focus capabilities, the displayed text and pictures are enhanced and crystal clear. The system operates with virtual buttons on the contrast enhanced touch display and can be organized in a clearly, customized manner including tactile feedback if desired.

The MANOtouch offers a variety of functions for individual needs, e.g., distance viewing mode, HDMI-port for the connection of an external monitor (e.g., TV), and a large image memory.

Innovative camera technology

Highest image quality – contrast enhanced, flicker free, in high resolution, Full HD+ quality:

  • LVHD-technology (Low-Vision-High-Definition): Optimal image processing always ensures a high-quality picture with minimized blurring of characters even when reading at speed.
  • NELE-technology (Natural-Evolutionary-Light-Experience): 
    Minimizes reflections of high gloss text and pictures.
  • TPZ-technology (distortion correction): The image will always be displayed with no distortions, even in inclined position of the electronic magnifier.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • clearly arranged touch display (approx. 3.5″ diagonal)
  • continuous magnification ranges from approx. 1x – 20x
  • approx. 2.3x – 23x, due to modern camera technology
  • intuitive operation via virtual, customizable buttons with optional tactile feedback
  • multifunctional protective cover that serves as comfortable reading/writing stand
  • distance view mode, time display, HDMI-port, Auto ON/OFF

If you are interested in purchasing this model, please click on ManoTouch 4.

ManoTouch 5

Reinecker’s MANOtouch 5 portable CCTV offers innovative touchscreen technology.   All operating controls are managed through a simple and intuitive touch screen display, with all of the controls highly customizable according to a user’s specific needs. Magnification ranges from 1X to 33X on the 5” touchscreen, or from 2.8X – 28X while in the writing stand mode. Innovative camera technology offers LVHD (Low Vision High Definition) technology to produce optimal image processing with flicker-free viewing. It also minimizes reflections from high gloss papers and removes all image distortions.

Other Features

  • HDMI port for export to an external screen
  • Multiple color modes
  • Distance viewing mode
  • Freeze frame, up to 100 snapshots
  • Autofocus, with on/off
  • Multifunction protective cover also serves as a writing stand
  • 2.5-hour battery life, on a 4-hour charge
  • 9.5-ounce weight

If you are interested in purchasing this model, please click on ManoTouch 5.

ManoTouch 6

MANO 6 is equipped with a high-resolution touch display as well as with four tactile buttons for easy and comfortable operation. In addition, magnification level can be adjusted, and the image can be scrolled by zoom gestures with your fingers. By means of the tactile buttons at the right and the left-hand side of the display, different contrast modes, magnification levels and pictures can be adjusted and taken.

With a height of only 9cm MANO 6 sits well in your hand. Due to the widescreen format, the reading flow is not interrupted because even at a high magnification level you can view several letters at the same time.

MANO 6 turns ON automatically when you fold out the stand. You can now place the magnifier on top of your reading template and start reading in an ergonomic reading angle. Alternatively, you can also use the handle to have closer looks at items such as price tags while shopping.

Your benefits at a glance­:

  • intuitive operation with only four buttons and touch display (diagonal of approx. 14cm)
  • magnification adjustment either via tactile buttons or by zoom gestures on the touch display
  • continuous magnification of approx. 2x – 35x
  • equipped with an infinitely variable fold out handle which can be used as stand
  • images can be saved in picture gallery and transferred to a micro-SD-card
  • artificial colors, line ruler, line masking, auto ON/OFF, button beep, etc. 

If you are interested in purchasing this model, please click on ManoTouch 6.

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