Are You Ready For Some Football?

Is watching the “Big Game” with your friends a February tradition? It’s not difficult to make sure your party is accessible for everyone. With the addition of a few pieces of adaptive equipment, you can enhance the experience for anyone who has low vision or is hearing impaired.

Where’s The Remote?

If that question sounds familiar, you might want to check out our supply of chunky, large-button remotes. Not only are they harder to lose and easier to operate, but they also make working the TV much simpler for someone who has low vision.

Our TV Partner remote is probably the biggest one available on the market. The unit measures 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ long x 2.5″ high and yet weighs only 12 ounces. The keys are a large .75 inches tall with large, black numbers. And the remote is shaped like a capital “I.” It’s almost impossible to lose this remote. And it won’t slip in between the couch cushions.

The CAN-DO remote is a great option- especially for people who need to feel their buttons for identification. The number-shaped buttons are large and raised, making it easy to see, feel, and push them. And then there’s the standard up and down arrows for both volume and channel. The whole thing is easy to navigate by touch alone.

Or, if you are just tired of searching through tiny buttons on your complicated remote, you can use the Big Button TV Universal remote. It’s ideal for both visually impaired and digitally challenged people. The buttons measure .62 inches each. And it has a lighted keypad.

The Screen Is Too Small!

We can’t all have movie-theater style entertainment systems in our house, but when you’re watching football on a small TV monitor, it can be difficult to tell what’s going on in the game. So how can you get some magnification?

Binoculars can be a good option, even for indoor viewing. Not all binoculars have the right range of magnification. But our 2.5X Sports Spectacles are perfect for TV, movies, or the theater. When you use these sports spectacles, each lens can be individually focused to see the TV. Other features include pupillary and nose bridge adjustments, as well as a protective case. (Which is very important when hosting a party where people are sitting on every available surface.)

Turn It Up!

It can be difficult to hear the game over the noise of people talking. But it is especially difficult to understand what is being said if you have any type of hearing loss. Just turning up the volume doesn’t always solve this problem.

One option for your visitors who are hearing impaired is using a set of their own personal headphones. This not only amplifies sound, but it helps block out background noise that can make the sound more muddled. Our Amplified Bluetooth Digital Headphones have padded ear muffs that can be worn over hearing aids with no interference. And they work up to 32 feet away from the audio device- so it’s easy to get up and grab a snack.

But what if everyone would like a little boost in sound? Or you want to listen to the game while eating or socializing in a different room? That’s just what the TV SoundBox allows you to do! It is designed with a convenient handle for carrying it from place to place. The volume control works independently from your TV speaker, which means you can turn the SoundBox up or down without it changing the volume of your TV.


No matter how you decide to party, check out our page for products that can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.


Braille Literacy Month: How Can You Spread Awareness?

It’s Braille Literacy Month, and there are lots of things you can do to help spread awareness. We have some suggestions for ways to get the word out to your community, your local classroom, and on social media.


Within your community, there are a variety of places and opportunities to create awareness events. The local library is one of the best partners because they often participate in library loan programs that help acquire braille materials for local residents.

You can ask the library about making a display of braille literature that can stay up for the month of January. Or, if you want to come in and run an event, you could set a time to talk about the history and usage of braille. Making the conversation kid-focused and including materials for a “show and tell” type of presentation would encourage families to come.

Places of worship are also usually open to special speakers. If they don’t already provide their worship materials in braille, you could talk to them about taking up a specific donation to order braille literature or songbooks. You could also give them information on braille transcription services.


Much like the library, schools often enjoy having speakers. Elementary schools are a good place to go because young children love special presentations and are usually enthusiastic about any items you might bring to pass around or demonstrate.

You should call the school ahead of time to see what might work for them. If your visit is approved, you could ask about sending educational materials in advance, so that the students will be prepared.

You could even ask if the classes want to make braille billboard or door displays before your visit. And if you turn it into a contest, that will up the children’s interest by engaging their competitive spirit.

If any of the students read braille, you could invite them to do something as part of the overall presentation. They might enjoy the opportunity to share about braille with their peers.

Social Media

Sharing about Braille Literacy Month on social media is one of the easiest things you can do. And it’s something your friends and family can join in on. One strategy you could use to engage people in a conversation about braille is to make a braille “fact” post each day. A little research might be involved, but you can probably come up with enough small bits of information to cover the whole month.

Another way to do this is to ask questions rather than just post facts. Hopefully, people will respond to your questions, and you will spark some good conversation about braille usage. If you want some graphics to go with those posts, you can search “braille literacy month social media graphics” to find images on Pinterest. Just make sure they are shareable before you use them! Another good shareable piece of information is this post, by Paths to Literacy. It has resources for everyone.

ILA has all kinds of braille products, from jewelry to work supplies. In honor of Braille Literacy Month, our Dot Watch, Perkins Smart Brailler, and Green Slate are all on sale.

New Products for Your New Resolutions: 2019

Do you need a little help keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Most of us have good intentions of changing our habits or taking up a new activity with the start of a new year. But all too often we don’t make it through January before starting to lose momentum.

ILA offers products that can help give you the support you need to continue meeting your goals and living your best life in the coming year.

Try a New Hobby

If you have low vision, crafts and handiwork can be frustrating without proper lighting. Task lamps give you the focused light that you need to be able to put your puzzle pieces together, work on your sewing, or glue together your woodworking pieces. Our task lamps use natural-colored light to enhance your ability to discern between colors and to create less strain on your eyes.

Read a good book lately? Reading is another activity that many people resolve to increase each year. But reading in low light is difficult and can cause eye strain and headaches. A good floor lamp with an adjustable light source will make a significant difference.

Want to be more active in your own home? It helps to get some extra light in those dark corners. Our new product, the NEBO EYE Light, is the perfect battery operated spot light for lighting closets, bathrooms, staircases, pantries, and anywhere you need more illumination. Operation is easy. The easy push button switch gives you three settings of high, low, and off. You can place it anywhere you want, or hang it on the wall. Its magnetic base allows you to turn it in any direction.

Get Out and About

Getting out of the house is good for your physical and mental health. But maybe you find navigating the outside world a bit difficult. Canes, Rollators, and Support and Transfer Aids can help you get around more quickly and easily.

Or if your vision makes it difficult to see environmental text, you can check out our new product, the 10” Portable CCTV. It can help you view things both close up and at a distance. The CCTV is a 10″ portable electronic magnifier that brings you 2X – 18X magnification on the go. It has big, simple buttons, a built-in, fold-out reading stand, and HDMI output for viewing on a TV. The 4-hour battery life keeps this portable device running, whether you are looking at street signs, or doing your errands and searching grocery shelves.

Prioritize Your Health

Maybe you want to prioritize your health. One way to do that is through diet change. Eating healthy foods and cooking at home more often make a big difference. Even just replacing soda and other sweet drinks with water can produce results. ILA has lots of kitchen gadgets to make it easier than ever to prepare meals in your own kitchen and be intentional about what goes into your body.

Not sure if you took your pills today? Now you can confidently take control of your health with our new iRemember weekly Talking Pill Organizer. The iRemember Bluetooth 4.1 enabled talking pill lid comes with seven stacked 3 section compartments for each day of the week. Simply rotate the compartment once pills are taken. The status button on top of the cap will state, when you tap it, when the pill holder was last opened thus confirming when pills were taken. (It can even be integrated with Android phones!)


Check out all our new products for 2019 on our New Products page!

Stocking Stuffers For The Visually Impaired

Stocking stuffers can be some of the most difficult presents to choose, due to their size. Things that small are often either not very expensive (like candy and nuts) or they are very expensive (like jewelry). So hitting your price point might be challenging, too. ILA can help you solve that problem by giving suggestions for stocking stuffers for the visually impaired. We’ve got items that are practical, fun, within a moderate price range, and small enough to fit into your sock.

Reading Materials and Accessories

Lots of reading-related items can fit into a stocking. Upgrade your loved one’s eyeglass holder or case by getting them something like our black vinyl or tapestry patterned upright holders. Book lights are also popular. Some people prefer the pocket versions that flip open, while others like a clip-on light that can be attached to their book.

Most jewelers loupes and other magnifiers don’t take up much space. There are so many different types of magnification tools to choose from. You could probably get several, just to give your friend or relative lots of options. Some are even designed like jewelry- making a gift of a necklace both stylish and practical

Large print and braille books are usually too big to qualify as stocking stuffers, but electronic books are not! The Megavoice Bible Envoy S is a solar powered digital player that can be charged by sunlight. It’s small and portable, which means it’s also the right size for a stocking stuffer! And it weighs only 2.4 ounces. The raised buttons and four levels of navigation make it incredibly user-friendly for searching through hundreds of hours of audio Bible content.

Clocks and Watches

A wall clock or grandfather clock may be way too big to stuff into a stocking, but most watches and clocks are a great fit.

Watches come with different functions and forms. Whether you are looking for something basic or dressy, we carry watches that fit all styles. We have talking watches, low vision watches (with bigger numbers), vibrating watches, and even braille watches!

To find a small clock, just check out our travel clock page. The travel clocks come in many sizes and shapes as well. Some talk, some vibrate, and some even make loud booms to wake the heaviest sleeper (or someone with hearing impairment).

If you want a standard, tiny little clock, the Travel and Pocket Male Voice Talking Clock is only 3.25″ x 2.25”. It has a slide-off plastic cover that protects the setting buttons (no accidental resets!) but leaves the talk button uncovered so you can press it to hear the time. A stand pops out when you pull the cover off so you can rest it on your dresser.

Pens and Markers

Pens and markers are also a safe bet. They’ll help you finish filling up the empty spaces in that stocking. Sharpies, dark graphite pencils, and contrast pens make it easier for people with low vision to see what they are writing.

Just like the magnifiers, you can buy an assortment for them to test out in different scenarios and on different paper mediums. It never hurts to have an extra pen!


Still stuck? Give us a call so we can help you choose that perfect holiday gift!


Gifts For the Holidays That Are Practical and Fun!

All of the items we sell at ILA are practical, but many of them are fun as well! When you can find that balance in a holiday present, you’ve hit the jackpot. Gag gifts may be entertaining for a moment, but at the end of the day, they usually end up pushed to the back of a shelf or thrown in the trash. Totally practical items may be necessary and appreciated, but they lack that spirit of fun and surprise that you want to experience on the holidays.

Here are a few suggestions for products that combine the best of both worlds. They are practical, yet add an element of fun to gift giving.

Book Readers

Book readers are one of the most practical items you can buy. Reading is fundamental. Whether you’re a student who has to study for your classes, or you are an individual who wants to keep up with the latest news or novel. But they can also be a lot of fun!

Different book readers come with features that appeal to their target market. So while a student may want to get one that has the capability to also record lectures, someone else may just want the simplest thing they can find that still plays audiobooks. You’ll want to keep that in mind while making a selection.

The Milestone 312 has so many features that half the fun is just discovering everything it can do. This reader offers a voice recorder, music player, superior text to speech voices, NLS-Audio book player, clock, and alarm. It can play and National Library of Congress books as well. Even more features can be bought separately. All this in a device the size of a credit card case!

Book readers, while practical, can bring a lot of entertainment  to someone’s life. (Or at least reduce frustration for a student.)


Asking someone for the time is a universal conversation starter. Watches are one of the most practical things we own. Staying on schedule for jobs, appointments, meal times, and medications is essential for functioning in society.

That said, watches don’t have to be boring and bland. With all the different functions there are to choose from, you can find a watch that is fun, and that makes telling the time easy and convenient. And different band choices can help you express your personality.

For example, our Ladies one-button (choice of voice) talking watch now comes with bling. This popular watch now comes with an expansion band of intricately decorated beads. The hands automatically synchronize once the time is set in speech mode. This ensures that the analog face display and the voice function remain synchronized.


It’s not hard to imagine how games can be fun. But are they practical, too? Absolutely. Playing games is a great way to bond with your friends and family. A good classic game creates memories and traditions. And when you purchase something that is good quality, it can be passed down through the years.

One family favorite that has stood the test of time is Dominoes. That’s why our Raised Dot Dominoes are fun for all! These are standard, double dot dominoes that can be used for any regular domino game. The 1”x2” dominoes have raised tactile dots. They also come with a black carrying case.

If you’re still stuck on gift ideas, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you select the best presents for your loved one. (Or yourself!)


Holiday Gifts for People With Low Vision

Do you have a friend or family member with low vision? With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about what kind of gifts they might like.

Fun and Games

Most people like getting something fun for the holidays. As tempting as it may be to buy a scarf and glove set just to check a gift off your list, it doesn’t take too much effort to find something a little more unique and enjoyable.

Many games come in tactile, large print, or braille editions. Connect Four, Uno, Rummikub, and Dominos are all games that we’ve found and offer on our website. Standard playing cards also come in large print editions.

Or if you want to play something more active, we carry soccer balls, volleyballs, and even basketballs that have bells to alert the player to the ball’s location. One of our basketballs also comes with a goal locator buzzer that will sound when the ball makes it through the goal.

For someone who enjoys crafting, a nice task lighting lamp could make a significant difference in how well they can see. Some lamps even come with built-in magnifiers. Lamps that replicate natural light are usually easier on the eyes and help with color recognition.

Books and Reading

For book lovers, you could invest in a new audiobook player. Our Milestone 212 Ace Book Reader is one of the most portable and functional book readers you can find. It fits in the palm of your hand. This player can play MP3s, Daisy downloadable books, books from the National Library Service, books, and more.

Other readers, like the Victor Reader Stream, has wireless capabilities that can play books, newspapers, podcasts, and even the radio. It can also record your own voice notes.

On Sale This Week

Some of our favorite gift ideas are on sale this week. You can always check our Clearance/Discount page to find everyday steals, but these items were specially picked for the holidays.

Po-Ke-No is the perfect game to play with everyone. It’s fun, but the gameplay is simple enough for a 6-year-old.  Up to 12 players can work to cover the cards on their boards, hoping to be the first to complete a row. The letters, symbols, and numbers on the boards measure over .5″ in height and are easy to see as are the calling cards.

Love gadgets? This 3.5” Portable Magnifier is small enough to carry in your pocketbook. It has a CCTV magnification range of 2X to 24X. You can freeze frame an image, then zoom in on whatever area you need to see closely. And there are 15 color options for easier viewing!

The RNIB PenFriend2 Voice Labeling System allows users to easily record, and re-record information onto self-adhesive labels. The PenFriend is useful for labeling food items, including freezer food and even add cooking instructions, film and music collections, organize household paperwork, record shopping lists or leave audio messages. All you have to do is record your message and keep track of the label in a notebook or other space you’ll remember. Great for students as well as for home tasks.

To see our entire low vision selection, check out our main Vision page.

Stay Safe!: Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

Many seniors like to travel over the winter holidays. Whether they plan to spend time with family at holiday gatherings or take the opportunity to go on vacation to warmer destination locations, getting out and about is often in the plans.

So how can you stay safe and comfortable when outside of your home? There are several necessary things that seniors should do well ahead of time before packing their bags for that next trip.

Get a Check-Up

If it’s been a while since you had your last check-up, schedule one before you leave town. If you have heart disease or any other chronic health problem, this is especially important. You want to make sure you know nothing has changed regarding your condition.

If you get sick while away, you will also want to know all of your baseline statistics. What has your blood pressure recently been? What is your most recent weight? These are all things an out of town provider may need to know to make a good decision about your care.

If you’ve had surgery recently, that’s another good reason to be seen. You will want to make sure your healing is still on track. And if you were planning to get the flu vaccine, doing it before travel would be ideal.

Refill and Pack Your Medications

Packing your prescriptions might be a given, but did you check to make sure they won’t run out while you are away? It may be possible to get refills from an out of town pharmacy, but it’s not always easy.

If it’s not quite time for your refill, but you will run out while away, just talk to your pharmacist. Often they will allow you to go ahead and fill it back up if they know you will be gone. Or they can give you instructions on how to get an easy refill from another pharmacy.

And don’t just pack the pills you take on a daily basis. If you have any “rescue meds” or “as needed” medications, be sure to bring those with you. Even if you haven’t needed to use a particular drug in months, you don’t want to risk not having it while away.

Bring Mobility Supplies

Staying in another house or hotel room can be difficult if your own home is specially set up for your mobility needs. You can’t just remodel your son’s bathroom or start screwing special supports into the hotel room wall.

Portable, easy-install mobility supplies are great for travel. For example, the Foldeasy Toilet Support is portable, adjustable, and foldable. There’s no need to modify the bathroom you are visiting because the free-standing frame fits around your toilet seat. Armrests aid you in sitting and standing with greater ease.

If you’re afraid of falling in the tub or shower, pack the Easy Install Bath Safety Grip HandleThis handle makes the bathtub and shower safer without requiring drilling or screws for installation. It has a red/green color indicator buttons tell you if you have a secure suction, so that you can grip and grab with confidence.

Before you go anywhere, check out our Clearance/Discount page to see if we have sales on anything you need for travel.


Top 3 Benefits of Shopping Online

Why fight the crowds this Friday when there are so many benefits to shopping online? Instead of getting up early to stand in line and beat the rush, you can sleep in. And nothing beats making purchases on your computer while wearing pajamas and sipping a cup of coffee or tea.


The convenience of shopping online may be the only reason you need. Sales prices aside, some people would probably pay extra not to have to get in their car and drive to the store.

Online shopping is always just a click away. Nothing is location dependent. If you live in a small town with limited resources, thanks to the internet you can still shop at any store you please.

And the stores are open 24 hours a day. You don’t have to worry about getting up early, trying to get off work in time, or using up your only free weekend days just to make it to the stores during business hours.

Price Checking

Have you ever purchased something at one store only to find it cheaper at another? While many places will often refund the higher priced item, you still have to go to the trouble of returning it or bringing proof of the other store’s prices. That’s a lot of work for a few dollars.

With online shopping, price comparison in much easier. You can manually search for the same item at different stores, or you can find a browser extension, like Honey, that will alert you if the things you are looking at can be found cheaper elsewhere.

You can also price-check between brands. While the store may only offer two types of blenders, you can find hundreds online. And it’s easy to do a little research on blogs and websites that are devoted to comparing the details and prices of similar items.

Gift Giving

Part of the holiday rush is packing up and mailing those gifts to out-of-town friends and family. With online shopping, you can often cut out this step.

Most stores will allow you to choose a different mailing address than what is associated with your credit card. So if you’re buying a single gift, you can just change the address to have it sent to the recipient.

Usually, you can even change the receipt to a gift receipt that so no one will see what you paid. Also, some stores even offer gift wrapping for a small fee.

ILA’s Black Friday Sales

ILA is bringing you some fun sales this Friday. Our Touch Face Talking Watch speaks the time when you touch anywhere on the face. This makes it easy to use for people with poor dexterity. The watch speaks the full date, has a talking alarm and has an hourly chime. It comes in Small, Medium, and X-Large.

The modern-looking Z-line desk lamp provides brilliant white LED lighting and has glare-control filters to reduce eye strain. It reproduces natural light, with no flickering. But most remarkably, this desk lamp not just functional, but it’s beautiful as well.

Stimulate blood circulation and eliminate fatigue with this a heated foot massager by Moshi. It has three vibration modes and multiple massaging options. The timing function allows you to “set it and forget it.” And both the inner and outer lining are machine-washable.

When it’s time to pull up a chair and do your online Black Friday shopping, be sure to check out these items!


Keeping Your Diabetes Under Control

Keeping your diabetes under control is a serious issue. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many other health problems. It may seem inconvenient to have to monitor your blood sugar multiple times a day, but the alternative is worse. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause vision problems, neuropathy, infections, kidney problems, and it even puts you at higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Monitoring your blood sugar regularly and accurately helps you avoid these side effects of diabetes when you respond appropriately to the numbers.

Monitoring Blood Sugar

The first step in keeping these complications at bay is to know your blood sugar levels. Having accurate numbers allows you to respond appropriately. With diabetes, you can’t always rely on how you feel at the moment.

Most people use at-home monitors to test their blood several times a day. Occasionally you may even need to check in the middle of the night. Some meters, like our Prodigy Autocode, have extra features that allow you to download your test results for data graphing. Being able to see your trends can help you predict what you should do at different times of the day.

But if high-tech solutions are not for you, writing down your numbers will still make your job a lot easier. When recording, you should include the time of day, blood sugar level, insulin or pill dose, and any other general notes on your diet and health that day.

How to Respond

But once you have the numbers, what do you do with them?

  • Hyperglycemia- if your blood sugar is more than 240 mg/dL, first check for ketones in your urine. Occasionally, someone with high blood sugar can develop diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). This is a medical emergency and requires you to go to the emergency room. If your blood sugar is too high, but you are not in danger, just make your next meal high in protein and fiber. Some people think that not eating will bring their levels down, but skipping meals can actually cause your sugar levels to go up due to stress. If your numbers are consistently high, despite lifestyle and diet changes, you will need to talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication.
  • Hypoglycemia- Low blood sugar is problematic when it causes you to feel dizzy or faint. If levels get too low, you could even become unconscious. Some people use glucose tablets to bring their sugar levels up quickly, but you can get the same result by drinking a sugary drink, eating some crackers, or having a spoonful of honey. You can test your blood sugar 20 minutes after eating to make sure they are back up to a good level.

Lifestyle Changes

For Type 2 diabetes, lifestyle changes can be more important than anything else you do. Improving your diet, exercising, and controlling sleep apnea can be the difference between poor health and well-controlled diabetes.

Processed foods made with white flour or lots of sugar seems to be the highest on the Glycemic Index. Eating meat, fresh fruits, and non-starchy veggies is the way to go. If you’re not sure what makes a good meal, you can find charts that rank the Glycemic Load of certain foods. The lower a food is on the glycemic load or index, the less it affects your blood sugar levels.  

Exercise can also have quite an impact. Losing five to seven percent of your body weight can stop the advancement of diabetes. But it’s not just about the pounds. What matters the most is where your fat is distributed. People who carry extra fat around their belly are more likely to have diabetic complications. Belly fat increases insulin resistance.

But exercising is also good for other reasons. When you move around and contract your muscles, glucose is pushed out of your blood and into your cells. This leads to better blood sugar numbers.

Controlling sleep apnea is also key. Almost half of people with Type 2 diabetes also have sleep apnea. These two conditions together give you a much higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Diabetes alone raises the chance, but then the stress of apnea at night activates your sympathetic nervous system, increasing that risk even more. Wearing a CPAP machine and losing weight can help keep apnea under control.

Regular monitoring, appropriate immediate responses, and long-term lifestyle changes are the best ways of keeping your diabetes under control. ILA is here to help by offering the diabetes management products that you need.


The Top 3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Memory

As we age, some memory loss is normal. Working memory peaks in your 20s and 30s before it slowly starts to decline. We may not have complete control over this aging process, but memory and cognition can be heavily affected by factors that are within our control as well.


Sugar can be a culprit in memory loss. One study has shown that a higher consumption of sugary drinks, such as soda, correlated with lower brain volume and signs of preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease.

But eating a healthy diet can improve your brain power. Foods high in DHA and EPA, like fish, help reduce inflammation and improve memory, since inflammation can be linked to cognitive decline.

Keeping a healthy weight is also an important factor. In fact, it may be the most important one. Obesity has been tied to several factors that impair memory. Obesity is associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance (which leads to inflammation and cognitive impairment), and it can actually change genes in your brain that impact memory.


Sleep plays a big part in memory consolidation. That’s when your brain takes information from your short-term memory and files it away into your long-term memory. People who are sleep deprived perform worse on cognitive tests than those who get a full seven to nine hours of sleep.

But knowing how much sleep you are getting isn’t always as simple as counting the hours you laid in bed. Untreated conditions, such as sleep apnea, can prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. Apnea can keep your body from going into the deep sleep it needs for rest and restoration.

Another interesting way that sleep deprivation affects memory and learning is through your mood. Lack of sleep causes a negative change in your mood, which in turn hampers your ability to acquire new information.


Just like you need physical activity to stay healthy, your mind needs mental activity to remain alert and agile. And while “mental activity” can mean participating in activities that are intentionally challenging, it can also include simple cognitive exercises, such as engaging with others in conversation or volunteering and learning new names and faces.

An article in Harvard Health says, “One study, published in Neurology, found a direct link between the amount of cognitive activity, such as reading the newspaper or playing chess, and the level of cognitive function in the following year.”

But even though the emphasis here is on mental activity, physical activity certainly doesn’t hurt. Physical exercise improves all of the things we’ve already talked about. Physical exercise keeps your weight down, guarding against obesity-related memory loss. It also reduces inflammation, which we’ve seen is another cause of cognitive decline. Not only that, physical exercise can improve your sleep, which – you guessed it- improves your memory consolidation.

Having an active, healthy lifestyle is the best way to stay cognitively sharp. So if you’ve tried all of these strategies and still seem to have significant trouble remembering, please talk to your doctor. There could be an underlying condition or medication adjustment that needs to be addressed.


And for your natural moments of forgetfulness, check out ILA’s line of Orbit Trackers. Orbit Trackers help you keep track of your most commonly lost items by using Bluetooth technology to page them from your phone.